Artful Healing

After being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and dealing with the grief of losing my father and friend in a short period of time, my health declined. Through many avenues, I have looked for answers on finding relief and products that would not hurt my health further. Finding that pharmaceuticals and household chemicals had left me feeling worse, I started finding avenues of less toxic products. I have worked hard on ridding my house of toxic chemicals, using essential oils, eating organic, pasture raised foods, and finding a spiritual practice of meditation and yoga. I also started painting, and creating art that allows for my creativity to flow. All of these things encompass taking care of one's soul and body.

I am on the path of wellness by living and creating a natural, non-toxic environment in my home. Health encompasses many facets of life and essential oils is an asset to achieve more balance. I want to share what I have learned and help those who feel overwhelmed by all the essential oils out there and what to do with them. I want to have an accessible, affordable line that will inspire others to better health, both physically and spiritually,

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